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I am an actor, graduate of East 15 Acting School, from the BA Acting course.

I leapt head first into the industry, with a tour of Italy in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Shakespeare being one of my great passions, followed by the immersive show 'The Legitimate Peaky Blinders Festival', stretching my skills that brought me a new love for this exciting medium. 

Soon-to-be appearing as the lead, Beth, in the Wicked Winters production of 'A Piece of Forever'. Set to be released this Christmas.


Most notably, 2023 saw my debut Edinburgh Fringe Festival appearance in the self-written and produced Drag King production of 'High School Fangsical'. A great success with several sold-out shows and a 4-star review from the North West End UK. 

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023

This production was an Edinburgh Fringe debut for Eleanor Barr-Sim, the writer, creator and performer of High School Fangsical. Established first in lockdown, this story has grown exponentially with several other characters in the making.

A directorial debut from Line Guld Hedegaard, choreography from the very accomplished Olivia Shouler brings this story together to delight, amaze, cringe and engage audiences throughout the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Vladiqueer is an award winning London-based Drag King who performs at venues such as The Glory and Colours Hoxton and is slowly taking over people’s hearts and minds. He brings nostalgic hilarity to those who grew up with the hits of ‘High School Musical’ and the trauma of falling in love with the emotionally abusive but oh so seductive Edward Cullen from ‘Twilight’. At its essence, this is a story of LGBTQIA+ empowerment using the vampire theme as the springboard for the emotional rollercoaster that is growing up queer and finding your place in society.

With several sold out shows and a 4-star review from North West End UK, Eleanor is ready to keep developing this dazzling vampiric show!

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North West End UK 

High School Fangsical – the Space@ Surgeons Hall

17 August 2023

A coming-of-age story about a queer vampire and his efforts to find himself in the modern world, orchestrated of course to the soundtrack of the High School Musical Movies. This show is a musical that’s so weird its brilliant.

Vlad is a young teen bullied at school for being different, that is until he discovers through the power of the internet that he’s actually a vampire. We follow Vladiqueer on his journey of self-discovery in this blood sucking comedy which will make you wish Troy Bolton had been a vampire all along from the interesting and cleaver High School Musical lyric changes.

Eleanor Barr-Sim has endless bounds of energy and fangtastic stage presence, taking what could be a very cringy show and turning it into something quite special and fun. Their energy keeps the audience engaged from their first dramatic hammer horror style entrance to their attempted cartwheels in the musical’s rendititon of ‘Bet On It’. Their comedic timing is on point landing even the strangest of comedy scenes and helping us to fall in love with Vlad even in his most murderous states.

This is definitely one of those shows that you walk out of not being 100 percent sure of what you’ve just watched but knowing you’ve loved every minute of it. I’d recommend adding the show to your fringe schedule if you fancy a good laugh and some High School Musical nostalgia.

High School Fangsical runs at The Space@ Surgeons Hall, Stephenson Theatre until 26th August at 19:05.


Buy tickets at

Reviewer: Beth Eltringham

Reviewed: 16th August 2023

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★




A short film from Derby University 2020.

A high intensity situation of two strangers colliding when one has an anaphylactic shock due a serious allergic reaction and the other does all she can to save her. I played the estate agent who was simply going to survey a tenant's house and was then faced with a life or death situation. 

Unfortunately due to Covid 19 filming had to be cancelled half way through but we're hoping to start again when the University goes back to normal.

The Legitimate Peaky Blinders Festival 2019

A two-day immersive Peaky Blinder’s experience filled with 'Tom-foolery', raucousness and a lot of tweed with a gambling den, hosted by yours truly, punters were welcomed to gamble their savings way before heading off to get their fortune read and then drown their sorrows in ‘The Ruin’ pub. There were electric fights to bet on and perhaps an unexpected bare knuckled one too followed by a charged Women’s march to gain supporters to win the vote. 


As an immersive experience we were thrown into the crowd to build a nuanced and realistic world for those that had adorned a peaked cap and came along to see what would unravel. It was electric, it was vibrant, it was the most exciting, challenging weekend of my life.

Erasmus Tour 2019


Erasmus Tour 2019 around Italy.

Playing Titania, Hermia and Snug to Italian students, ages 6-18 including the general public.

A intense challenge of multi-roling all three characters, to keep it diverse and active in order for the audience to retain an understanding of the story in their second language. All alongside rigging and striking the set every day adding a physical challenge to the acting process.

As my first job after drama school this was an excellent opportunity to develop my skills and cement all that I had learnt in order to give me a greater spring board further into my career.

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